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Games Parkour

Parkour as lifestyle was recently appeared. Sports epidemic is not called. This is a way to overcome the space and failure, is more of a movement of art art. Parkour was born in France. Its creators acrobat David Bell and Sebastian Foucan and its followers. Parkour as a youth culture phenomenon spread rapidly around the world. Disorder, a variety overcome. They belong to the building, or for operating, for training the movement created artificially. This tracer - people engaged in Parkour fully controls his body, using only your muscles, you should be able to be in the specified position. David Bell as slogan is, there has been featured as a guide to millions action of obstacles and tracer, I declared there is no border. However, we are in order to engage in Parkour, must not forget that there is a need to start in order to perform the elementary school physical education. World champion in acrobatics - people who are not trained, at least David reason, as long as you do not allow you to overcome obstacles such as rapid David Bell.

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