Games Pony
Games Pony

Pony - The horse is sung in one of the famous nursery rhyme. Really - it pony horse, is just a small breed. Such a horse, Sicily, Hokkaido, Corsica, mainly bred in the British Isles, and other such island. Some growth only at 110 cm of pony, others - 150 cm, it is very suitable to teach the children and they are riding. National pastime favorite of locals and tourists - very first pony still in the town of Pony Camargue riding, in Scandinavia, I have appeared in the south of France. Not only pony, but horses children were riding, also very hardworking and powerful assistant that you are. Heavy - - For example, Shetland pony living in Scotland, can carry a very heavy luggage it is not worse than a big horse, or rather, cargo, its weight is 20 times! So, Poni sitting - very important and necessary horse. Well, we recommend that you play the game for a small pony girl. Order will pony and friends, these games are loved by all - it would be great. Pony - - you can have your many of dream decorate In general, you will be able to take care of him.

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