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Monkey taxi.


Monkey taxi.We are not just only, it offers you a ride for some distance, but run in , and humor, have a fun character, online our game portal such as racing games and worship to be placed. The new game has it all: her heroine, more than anything, was a charming monkey, want to be behind the wheel. She, you will have the best plan to be able to be a jeep of this racing game. In Together, and monkeys can decide to go at this point. You can visit the jungle, you can ride to the beach. Or in for a visit to the Dragon, or I go in space. Select a location for the many adventures of competitors, you can not lose a second, because your team in this game.

Driving along the selected road, you meet the monkey in the middle do not lose sight of those items. It is not only magic of bananas, and to deal with rival, could be a tool to help the monkey to keep them ahead to members of your crew. Pretty good story and heroine and of excellent toys - A great way to spend the night in profit and pleasure.

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