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Riding in the rule.


Riding in the rule.And learn to drive - it's half the battle. In addition to this, you also need to know the road rules by heart. With the help of another racing game on the machine, learn the rules, you will be able nice to integrate them into practice. In front of him in the stadium, will appear busy highway. It is to navigate in your car, you use the keyboard. You would be great to be able to accelerate to high speed. However, it is only when there is a need to very carefully carefully. The fact that there is always the most unexpected of places on the road, run the online hero of this race game - the pedestrian. You not only have to dodge a collision with them, criminals are assumed in advance to be displayed.

If you use the space, your way is lit, in order to warn the car of pedestrian approaching, you will be able to turn on the car lights. This game is simply a much more important, and not the high speed drive safely, will teach you that you do not to be more careful.

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