Storm of the desert. ( Category : Games Car racing )
Storm of the desert.


Storm of the desert.Just do not hold a rally where. At this point, we you have suggested to participate in one of the most famous race that takes place in the desert. Of course, you've guessed it was the Paris-Dakar-Paris. To you had the honor to represent our country in a virtual version of the competition, the new racing game on the machine, completely become that can experience the hardship and all the joy of this route. Operation of the keyboard buttons, you can control the machine left to you, and perhaps lead to victory.

Since the drive grip on top of the sand will be very weak, it is not easy. Holds a tight imaginary steering wheel, please try to predict the car of behavior on the road. Persistent and was consistent, and bring your car to the finish. Paris-Dakar-Paris - This is one of the most prestigious race to participate great honor for all drivers. Believe me, you is it is very fortunate to have the opportunity to play a cool game.

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