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Speed mode.


Speed mode.Speed limit to observe that is required of all drivers - is the key to safety on the road. However, Hero of the new racing game, online, in order to win the race, the organization has been right in the city streets to name, decided to ignore this rule. You only had to participate in this competition and acts of these cruel rules. In your high speed, in addition to you, where, many of the same desperate drivers, proneseshsya the city boulevards and highways. for each of them, but want to come soon in the previous as fashionable, rules are simply forgotten.

On the highway for free, to drive this racing game, please try to try to avoid collisions with other cars. You will be the game to have a pre-limit to collision and touch that must be strictly adhered to, which does not end for you. Dynamic in gambling original toy, - I will not require an active boy.

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