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Orienteering.With this game race jeep, not only participate in the next competition speed, not only learn a new sport, you can. Orienteering - that sense, discipline in the fact that search for objects hidden in the playground for some signal or scheme. In this game, you just need to deal with such attractive. To you it is a map it is was convenient to search for objects on top of the game board. It is that, if you are moved, to the right, the position of the object that should you find is, it not only determines the view, means that it becomes possible, which is interactive.

Of course, the story of this game is not just to go to the track, but also is to race the car to think. However, it's what makes a much more interesting this game. To drive a car, you can use the arrow keys. We will then drive on the delicate root, find all of the hidden objects.

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