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In the rain.


In the rain.In this game, you have to be actual members of the Chase. Here, in order to hide from the police, because it has to like hero movie, the plot is a new racing game that can be compared with the plot of the online cool action. You are bothering you machine custody order, but it is possible to outsmart them, and went into the opposite lane. The main thing in this situation - that confident, it is to securely hold the steering wheel in his hands. Complex and driving the start of shower. It is difficult to manipulate the poor visibility vehicle, however, you can, by all means, you need to get away from the chase.

The original story of the game is is to race a car that gives thrill to you, in addition, will be to hone your driving skills. And compete in the police car and speed, to escape from skillfully beautifully Chase. This game is just a fun - the spray from the wheels are flying in different directions, and let's car is placed on top of the sidewalk.

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