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To track.


To track.When the city service can not solve the problem of stray animals is how sad. Of course, the best solution to this problem - shelter animal of the room. However, city dog that is captured in order to kill you yet. In this game, but will face it in such a terrible situation, you can, for online racing game, it is always necessary to successfully end, will have the opportunity to fix it. In order to catch up to the hunter dog, and you have to control your truck, race literally on the highway. Since this hard road requires a lot of attention, you will need to be themselves in the game. Then, the track is very difficult.

It here and there on the road will change suddenly direction. You skillfully drives the complex section of route, you need to operate the buttons to fly into the groove. Accidents not only interfere with your plan, so, not only because it is possible to steal some time, enclose the other cars in the circle. Catch up the dog and the track, now you want to save them. Remember that good deeds - it's cool.

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