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Guruma down.


Guruma down.Appears all kinds of boy will be able to appeal to our free racing game with different on the Daily our web site preference. For example, new toys was work to be made in the sense of the most wonderful humor, to satisfy the people who love. In this game, you need to drive a car with the help of a computer mouse. Although this type of control is very rare, and simple enough, at the same time, you will be able to get used to it soon. The race will take place in unusual street. It is to race a car to collect candy over the entire length of the route hero of this game. Best reward for the sweet tooth, and even race speed and victory was not interesting enough sweet prizes - it's sweet.

However, it is not sweet like all in this game. Our hero, while you are working diligently to collect the candy, you will need to carefully manage his car. We do not allow the car to allow running on top of the bomb. Also, was the red track is shown in the dangerous areas, you may machine is easy to fail. It is bright, because it is the original, this game is a great uplifting.

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