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I will monitor the speed.


I will monitor the speed.You, to follow the road rules, is very important when you sit behind the wheel. How many accidents occur of inappropriate behavior on the cause of our country road. I kill both adults and children. To date, there is a very sad statistics. Author of this free racing game is to prepare the future of driver, decided in advance. There are various ways of driving a car. If for example, extreme way it needs to steer sharp so as not to collide with other vehicles, you only, it can be used for the prevention of traffic accidents. As always, if there is a rule, there are next person that violate them. This street racer, or, the so-called Street Racer - you are now familiar with them.

They love to drive around town in a breakneck speed. Let's catch these criminals in this racing game on the machine. More and more of the point, we better, you can earn. You, if you bumped into some of the machine, if you have collected the special icon kit, then, you can, to restore your car. Management, has been carried out by the arrows on the keyboard.

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