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Classic rally.


Classic rally.You Larry the concept, met earlier. Just in case we repeat that there is it, Come on. So, Larry - motor racing of these competitions. Each participant, a specific period of time, you need to pass to a specific predetermined path. Usually there is a need to pass only three or four laps. This racing game and online you will be able to participate in the race. Just please do not scare you at all of the importance and seriousness of the future of the rally, was warned in advance - are you, I wonder ride to rival alone. You need to be to be able to thoroughly study all the way of the twists and turns direction.

It does not interfere with anyone. However, observe the speed limit through the game race on the machine you still have. Time so zasekatsya, please try to come to meet the time the finish line. His race car, driven by a standard arrow keys.

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