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Extreme operation.


Extreme operation.What you need to get done during the day, more and more, in today because it becomes too much time, is very useful that you have a driver's license. That you buy a car will solve most of the problem. Because there is no need to go in order to stop, the machine is becoming more and more mobile, but, you will not be able to wake up so early eye. Before you buy a car, however, it is necessary to obtain a driver's license. In our online racing game you learn how to do it. First, you can, you can go to specialized courses at the age of 16. Officially, you are, you can get the only 18-year right of age. Theoretical material, when studying the ticket proreshany, is the time to start practicing.

On the machine through this racing game, we will deal with this. Always on the road, and learn to drive smoothly and quietly. Please do not crash and in any wood, they reduce the amount of your bonus points. It can be, but you run the red and yellow corn. 10 - and the yellow of, add 50 points to your score, and red. Successful learning.

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