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Racing on the cool car.


Racing on the cool car.To become the owner of the Dodge Viper of cool car. This right, this racing game online, unfortunately only for a while, will be granted to you. Coloring, but begins with only stylized sports car color ring available, please There are a lot but to choose from. This cool car management is simply press the arrow keys on your keyboard. Really almost all in these races I will be as follows. Weather, environment. The main objective of the racing game machine to collect all yellow stars. Press in the gas to drive to feel the power of the engine Viper. Avoid the fog of icon, if even on where naedesh subsequent to that, because this very fog rassteletsya, visibility is almost zero.

However, in this case, you will be able to turn on the light with a simple touch of the space of a button. Encounters in missile, they give a significant acceleration of your car. One advantage of this game can select a track to pass. So, you prefer what, and parking, desert, airports, high-rise building, and do start from the ice. For convenience, all of the time will be mapped in front of your eyes. On top of that you will be able to track the position of the star. Good luck.

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