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Steep obstacles.


Steep obstacles.How you become of those that would not engaged, jeep racing game, will always be your favorite pastime. Brave and invincible, strong, brave, was determined some courage - Here you can feel like a real man. Our author Poston everywhere for you to play the game of race for freedom at any time, that were wondering, invent something new. You away capable game Angry obstacles to break away from the full program, to test their strength in the operation of a powerful car, another way to journey, to overcome the barriers of an obstacle pomioschyu .

Speed does not play a major role. Yes, and you will not succeed develop it. Path of your all-terrain vehicles, huge mounds, Kurumaya even becomes an obstacle filled in the form of a track. However, in such wheels your car, and therefore as klassnvm driver, it is easy to overcome them. Your job - in every dangerous and difficult situations, to maintain the balance of the car, giving it upside down it. The middle, you can meet the bonus in the form of a star - collect them.

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