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Stritreysing.Again, you play a racing game for free. However, you are fascinated, are bound to find new rare something in a way, a new and exciting experience of interest as each time. This is the author of our site, to think about you, has been attributed to the fact that care about you in order to make it interesting and really fun. And today, they were offered to play online Stritreysing race game. It is your main character of the stadium. Now located in the city, it's desperate and daring rider coming race track, to.

He must compete in speed and extreme driving skills, has anyone and rival. This is a very dangerous and complex task. This is the reaction of the very important prerasno speed. You will goschikom management You can use the arrow on the keyboard. Then, using the space, and pick up speed. Immediately forward Nesis, please do not tar. Since the only speed will the victory oberzhat help, track, is very short. Then, brave racer.

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