The race to the gig. ( Category : Games Car racing )
The race to the gig.


The race to the gig.Race game machine, has been designed for those boys please refer to themselves as sleep and cool racer. They are huge speed, whistling wind ear, sharp turn and dangerous turn dream. Adrenaline - roll. We will be able to provide a virtual danger and adventure on our games site in your online racing games category. Here, we will meet a professional driver that gives you a learned skill. I was in the busy high speed on the road at the gig today. You will be able to control it with the arrow keys on the keyboard.

You have to shoot on the highway at high speed. Main task - it does not interfere with all the cars. And, it will be very difficult. Such that time on the strategy after a busy highway, such rarely - a few seconds I to separate you from the obstacle. I can solve the safety emergency the driver only lightning reaction. The game, a few of life that you lose, you have a spending.

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