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Crazy car.


Crazy car.If only to use was invented by your author free time, not only will help you to relax, it was occupied by a fun game is interesting to develop your best qualities. You in the game race on the machine on which you have published many games that can feel like a real racer. Here, you will be able to drive in the most demanding race tracks and steep turn. Free racing game you have to play the soul Plane Crazy Car. You were in the race track. However, our author some reason, sent you to the movement of the over-the-counter.

And to is your very active highway before, and mchishsya at high speed against movement. It is to be generated by collisions. Therefore, you will need to very careful. Driving your car that you can do with the buttons on the keyboard. The middle, it is necessary that you collect, I come across the money icon. In the event of an accident is, you lose.

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