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Machine hammer.


Machine hammer.Since such as a racing game for all boys of machine, what of passion that will be fascinated by the exciting, is not. In those, you can play in our game site in the category - a free racing game. Just will roll in your blood cool race car, difficult and a dangerous race track, of course, the sea of speed and adrenaline,: it has all. You okuneshsya to breakneck speed and drive of the world. Hammer game machine, you can go to unusual journey into the abnormal form of transport.

You find yourself on the highway. However, your seemingly bright harmless car - a real car - destroyer. You have a hammer to break all of the car it is in your way to the top of your car's roof. To manage this miracle of technology that can use the arrow on the keyboard of your computer. However, because the track has cell, a dangerous turn and failure, with care, to see. Please do not get caught up in them, or your huge hammer does not help you.

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