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In Hammer, the capital.


In Hammer, the capital.All classes I tried already tried: you read a book, play ball from the designer, the numbers and city buildings, painted funny pictures. When you only becomes sad and boring. Well, we know how to raise your mood, do not care. To do this, we go to our game site, it offers to start the game play jeep. Here, not only new characters and acquaintance, he can feel the speed and the wind in your ears. You will be able to visit all of the capital of the world to steep the virtual car. Yes, yes, that you are convinced yourself by going to the game Hummer, in the capital.

Use the arrow keys on the keyboard, you will be able to manage this powerful car. The main thing - keep the balance of this giant. And this is not easy. It is possible to pass the practice only normal little after the path is full of obstacles hammer and obstacles. However, how many of the fun you, get from the fact that it can be able to visit some of the capital of the world. It is an unforgettable sight.

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