Lace colorful tornado. ( Category : Games Car racing )
Lace colorful tornado.


Lace colorful tornado.We speed is not only vehicles and people know that it is possible to develop. But also, natural phenomena. Different colors, was decided to compete in the speed - So, on the playing field, please refer to the tornado. You can choose how to manage the tornado, began to play the race game for free. In front of your choice of three routes, you can choose one of them to fly over it.

So, in order to overcome the turn along the way, and then use the left / right arrow, up arrow, moves around the track at high speed. Except for you, and participated in the race and other tornado, they have put to another house your way. Crash into the house, you snesesh it from the road, he will a little late for you. Also, you can put the house by using the space bar. So, put the house at every opportunity to slow down their rivals. Circle with color at the top of the stadium will have tracks that are pointed out to where for each participant to finish the race. Race game, hope online your victory.

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