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Turbogonschika team.


Turbogonschika team.Throughout the city, banks and shops, hooligans robbery, the town there was a whole gang of criminals romp. The police announced that the possibility to stop the criminals makes one awarded to large scale. And, our hero, go to his journey to the wheelbarrow of turbobystroy. And playing a racing game for free, help him to deal with the task.

In the playing field, your hero, please refer to the Long Street who are rushing to his speeder. He chased the criminals, and he was in need of help. To drive a car of your hero, please use the arrow keys on the keyboard. In a hurry for criminals to catch them all. Please press the key to pick up the maneuver and speed the other machine to round road.You, Well If you look at the car on the road, to know that they were criminals, surrounded by a green circle round. You need to hit my car there is a possibility that it is burned. Later to continue his way, and catch the next criminals. I will collect the plus sign on the way to restore the health of his car. Race game, online are you to have good luck.

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