Motoprogulka in the mountains. ( Category : Games Car racing )
Motoprogulka in the mountains.


Motoprogulka in the mountains.Our new hero - known talent rider. He just loves his bike, ride it at every opportunity. Well, now, he goes to the mountain in order to ride in extreme ways. The play racing game for free, to move with him. To control the game, you can not use the computer keyboard.

Therefore, sitting across the bike to the stadium, please see his hero in an attempt to hit the road. Please use it similar to the accelerator pedal up arrow to hit the road. However, please note on the road. Mountain road is full of a lot of danger and surprises. You do so before going at high speed, think about the safety of their hero. And to it is not much deviation from his position, in order to balance the position of the bike have not way upside down, you can use the left / right arrow. Well plate finish in a way means that the track is passed. Race game, online will you have good luck in the game to.

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