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Race school bus.


Race school bus.Every morning on the same route, I will run the 5 bus carrying them to school to collect their children from different street. However, five bus - it's too much of even for such a small area. Bus until you arrive for children, we will fight for the right to make this work alone. Equipped with a computer keyboard, and play the game of race for free.It is used to control the arrow keys on the bus at the keyboard and exercises on the road.

At the same time quickly forward as possible, and carefully catch up with other buses, to eliminate them. There is a red arrow when you are close to the enemy through the bus. And get ready, and you see the bus with a green circle, it is to know that it is an enemy, it must be the way. As he stopped eventually to destroy the bus him to cling to other cars and buses. You're going to snuggle up to his bus to him, in order to break your own transport, you will soon, will be lost. Race game, online are you to have good luck.

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