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Speed rally.


Speed rally.What Russia is, you do not like to drive fast. Race - I increase the number of any associative rising competitive spirit the , mood adrenaline and other positive qualities of a unique class. Therefore, we will invite you immediately to our high-speed game. Equipped with a computer keyboard, and play the game of race for free.

For you to buy some of the features of his car, his racing car model of start balance, then, before you start to receive will be able to select an available garage. Well, then, please pick up truck. Use the setup as the accelerator pedal, the right you can overcome virtuoso turn, use the arrow the other members of the arrival you will be able to go to the center / left. Each track is designed for a specific number of wrap, in order to win, you need to come to the first of the finish line at the end of the race. You for victory, will be credited the money that can be spend to open the tuning and new route. Speed and drive is waiting for you, and race online game we have wish you good luck.

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