Steel track on the road. ( Category : Games Car racing )
Steel track on the road.


Steel track on the road.Middle from the best car in our strategic basche was done in recent years. Quality, well, you also now to obtain a model, they are tested. Equipped with a computer keyboard, and play the game of race for free. In order to control your car, please use the arrow keys on the keyboard.

Although it was made with a strong material is difficult to damage your car, there only to the vehicle of the same class in the middle, so traffic is dangerous. Fly on the road, so as not to hurt him and does not conflict with other cars on the road. Because the gun is equipped in each machine, they will be able to do all the shooting. Shoot for the other machine, in order to avoid the shot of eventually other machine, please use the key Z. Destroy the end of each level of the largest car in order to win. Race game, online are you to have good luck.

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