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Transport mission.


Transport mission.You are driving a great car in the virtual world, if you are not afraid of bullets and fast whistle, our new mission, will be your shoulder. Your main strengths - speed must be your help, and accuracy. Simply equipped with a computer keyboard, and play the game of race for free. On playing field, please refer to the heavy traffic road, and this road is to move your car.

In order to control it, please use the arrow keys on the keyboard. Was quickly moved to your vyel down avoided and does not collide with other vehicles. So, move the ranks of movement, to catch up to the car of bandits that are marked with a green circle. Press the space key to shoot her. Destroyed her some shots. Your work - I destroy them all. But be careful at the same time - you do not shoot the peaceful road users. Five killed civilians of machine -, you will fail the mission. Race game, online are you to have good luck.

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