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Zombie by bicycle.


Zombie by bicycle.For a long time, nobody zombie because it was not fear, bother to scare people at night. So they can entertain them, I decided to find a new exciting activities. Their choice, it fell to the scooter - breeze shoot it in. The play racing game for free and keyboard Pridvinie near computer, ride along with the zombies. I start the course in front of you.

And his scooter zombie of our hero is standing. He To help overcome the road is successful - He, roads and going to beat your tasks. Journey to because it was really extreme, you select a route that runs along the slopes of the mountain. So as not to slow down the speed on the road, and move to start, go ahead, please use the up arrow to hold the key. Road in order to balance the so always the position of the road on the scooter, keep your finger ready on the left / right arrows, are going to be a complete rough and obstacles. If he is the turnover, will lose game points. Race game, online are you in to pray for fun games.

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