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Village of race.


Village of race.One of the small village of residents, and sold his cattle, bought brand new bike. Well, glad your purchase, it is very, very large amount of time intended as residents ride the streets of the village. Aside you drive the online provision of a racing game, set aside all of his work and get to the computer table. I will start in the near Pridvinie and games to the keyboard of his computer.

The entire village on it before you have to play the field, here, that sit on top of the new bike is a village resident. Your job - to collect cans to reach the end of the track to remain intact. In order to do it, it does not mean that difficult, please simply press the arrow keys to control the vehicle. This, when carefully act, any of the motorcycle does not allow overturned, otherwise, it is important that you lose. Collect the bank, some of the people because it is not like high-speed drive, and do not think pushing the mchis and brake the village. Free racing game you want to enjoy the time you spend.

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