Transformer in the race in the motorcycle. ( Category : Games Car racing )
Transformer in the race in the motorcycle.


Transformer in the race in the motorcycle.Transformer is love extreme adventure, as evil today, he was not anywhere to spend their own potential. So he decided to ride a bike in order to get a shot of adrenaline. The play racing game for free, to move with him. Well, in order to control his bike, you will need a computer keyboard.

So, still inspire our hero, rhinestones, is located in your sport bike, hit the road joy. Go to start, please use the arrow until it reaches the speed on the road. Overcome the faster you the way, I will be more a result of you. Terminator Do not forget that you have selected a fairly complex route, it will not be easy to overcome. Pass another obstacle and stone, in order to balance the bike on the road, you can use the arrow keys on the keyboard. The that it is inclined it is not rolled over. If so, our legendary hero will die, and you lose this game. Race game, online are you in to pray for fun games.

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