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Race on the site.


Race on the site.In here Guys, not only unusual when many interesting, here and so you can find the very danger, love to walk on the construction site. Well, our hero, decided to ride to the construction of his new bike. And, he of the play racing games for free for a walk, to go with him, it was a little dangerous. So, your character is sitting across the already go motorcycles and long type.

Please use the up arrow to hit the road. and hold it to be decelerated, not quickly forward as possible. So, I'm waiting a lot of the risk that only yourself in front of your hero can be overcome. In order to balance the position of his motorcycle on the road, you can use the left / right arrow. If he will turn over, so lose the game, this can not be omitted. H. most points as quickly as possible to the end in order to obtain the Richiki - Well, you vish formidable obstacles, when it comes to youth nitro acceleration. Race game, online are you to have good luck.

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