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BMW of test.


BMW of test.Plant always hard work in BMW, both in appearance and technical characteristics, previously better than, is intended to create a new car models. We play a racing game for free, and provides that you will participate in it. And, I want to control the mouse and keyboard game margin of the computer.

Therefore, the stadium, special programs, please refer to the new exclusive model BMW factory offers start creating. To do this, there are six function keys on the playing field. Left button of the mouse, by clicking them, please use them one at a time.So, I pick up the car, tire, wheel, glass and tinted, side-view mirror, the color of the headlight. Once your new machine is ready, it will need to be tested. Please select a city, a photograph of which take a test drive and revenue. Up arrow - arrow down gas, - brake. Well, I can help you to change the weather at the bottom of the stadium. Race game, online will you have good luck in the game to.

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