Difficult track of race. ( Category : Games Car racing )
Difficult track of race.


Difficult track of race.Race race hatred, such as not playing in both our new game, as long as you are, do not understand it. We present you the chic fleet, very complex and unusual route, the sea and the great entertainment of adrenaline. Equipped with a computer keyboard, and play the game of race for free.

So, in addition to you some of the features available funds of your car, worked the purchase and its design, you start by selecting the car for the race. Then, I select the track and race. You can use the arrow keys on the keyboard, well, use the space bar to drift, can be did not have your car to bend drive your car. Road, it becomes a multi-level, Please do never scare you. Desire to win, will help you come first to the finish line. Race game, online are you to have good luck.

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