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I move at scooter.


I move at scooter.Our new characters go on a journey to the country road with his new bike. However, from then on as the village of continuous off-road, the journey will not be easy. To our hero was not injured, help him by playing a free racing game. Therefore, the stadium please refer to his character that you are trying to hit the road sitting on scooter.

Please use the up arrow to begin the move. Press and hold it to get the speed, but carefully do it. Previously would he your hero will face a serious bump in the road necessary in order to overcome with dignity. Down arrow in order to maintain the position of the hero and the scooter on the road and parallel position, right / left arrow - To do this, you can use the brake. It is possible to roll over if it is not, then, to transport our heroes would your character suffer. If you want to keep the winner of the game, to make the effort and skills, go way decent. Race game, online are you in to pray for fun games.

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