Games Robots
Games Robots

Word robot Czech work with, coming from a device designed to work on behalf of a device or person. However, modern robot, not always similar to the human outward. Artificial people thinking for a long time, stir up people's minds. However, the ability to create a machine that will be replaced by the people, appeared much later. It was a very long time it just. At the beginning of the thousand years, Arab scientists, has created a musician and boat performance in a variety of musical instruments. Musician, was a mechanical prototype robot. Leonardo da Vinci are trying to build a robot just after 200 years Arab scholars. Began to appear the first robot that you can replace the real man in the field that ultimately life-threatening at the beginning of the last century. In modern times, I to produce another robot. Day by day, the robot is improved. In our site for lovers of tank, was assembled a free game of robot.

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