Games Sharpshooter
Games Sharpshooter

What does mean? We sniper. This word is found that there was in the 18th century, it makes sense - the snipe of the arrow. To obtain exactly such a small bird was requires great skill arrows. In only the First World War, the word has come to mean or mean what now. Accurately hit the target shooter in now, usually in the main it is the first time. Sniper - a loner. He is to the decision to select a target, you need to be able to disguise themselves. Sniper tasks, such officers, destroy patrol, enemy snipers, the most important units in the enemy, such as military equipment. Sniper rifle and telescopic sight - armed with the best weapons sniper modern. Snipers should be trained in the direction necessary qualities, have received training. Sniper - warrior loner. He task is clearly a, but to determine how itself acts as such a rule is formed. Explosion, noise, equipment, storm - Sniper will frequently taken the guise of all noise. This is necessary to ensure that it is difficult to detect the position of the sniper. Our sniper is able to achieve the target during the time, the distance from there can be a 2km 0.5km. Masking - very important skills for sniper.

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