Games Aircraft
Games Aircraft

People dream of flying for a long time. Carpet - airplane, magic items from the fairy tale, it is the prototype of the modern aircraft. Plane, it is a plane of machine operation. As aircraft with the engine it is, helicopter, different from the position and the fuselage of the fixed wing. Power, aerodynamic and static pressure does not rise to the aircraft. That is why that is different from the airship. Airplane - a very wide variety of flying machines. In general, they can be divided into military and civilian. The military can be noted the fighter, bomber, reconnaissance aircraft, missile and ground attack aircraft. In all, varieties of more than 16. Passenger, cargo and mail planes - Among the most important citizens. Free game plane, will introduce this kind of transport. You will be able to take over the control of the aircraft, and plan a flight, ie, can work the supervisor.

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