Games Batman
Games Batman

Batman, man - bat, probably the most famous comic book hero, Bob Kane was invented in 1939. Story of action takes place in the town, of Gotham author has been cast. His parents appeared witness Bruce Wayne murder at random as a child, billionaire, has to be a fighter for justice. He physically, but is preparing for this, he is, when he is aware that it is ready, it will create a human bat suit, will be the streets of the city. For secular party, he remains a simple and billionaire businessman. In this story, Batman, have partners, Robin and faithful assistant, the butler Alfred. He has an assistant Batgirl. Are his opponents 2 of face, Joker, Penguin and Poison Ivy, Scarecrow and Catwoman. Batman uses the martial arts and life experience. It does not own beyond the power. In cinema movie, cartoon that gave life to this great hero, not only this character to another, it was released in the Batman comics and online games for the PC. All of these genres, and to meet with your favorite hero, if you play free games Batman, you will be able to because of the time that you visit as a hero.

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