Games Sonic
Games Sonic

Sega - Sonic the Hedgehog is producing a game machine, has become a Japanese company, a symbol. Hero Sonic the Hedgehog is initially, was there in the video game. He fly, and ran, and fighting enemies, help friends, collect the bonus in the virtual world. Sonic X Games was popular as hedgehog legend becomes the mascot SEGA. Tails, Knuckles Echidna and Amy Rose - Sonic after it is that it is now in the hero of the series that have been created are involved in the adventure with friends, known to the world of console from all what. Sonic, love love adventure is to run, and also not averse to sunbathe on the beach with friends. He generally, can move in the space with supersonic velocity, and gave his name. The fact English audio sonic means. Sonic the Hedgehog - A collection of many games like the hero of the game. Sonic game as well, their hero, very ne dynamic. In those, riding on the spacecraft to overcome obstacles, run, to jump, a variety of useful stuff like scattered gold coins in the game, you will be able to collect. Puzzle - Sonic the Hedgehog, and to assemble the puzzle - Well, if you do not like action games, you will be able to paint a coloring game you have hero. Perhaps you love the game having to worry. Then, we will enjoy the online our free games are Sonic you must find the photo-related elements. Sonic hedgehog - In general, hero fun game, are welcome to many of our web site.

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