Games Mahjong
Games Mahjong

Here in China Mahjong gambling interesting work is the moving method to the popular mahjong solitaire. As training programmer system, I came up with a solitaire programmer Lokard Brody in 1981. In 1986, Mahjong, have already been released as a computer game. Mahjong became very popular soon between grinding fan his head puzzle. Since ancient times, the mass-produced varieties of Mahjong. There is a free mahjong games, it will be always updated in the collection with our web site. Suit, flowers and cards - 144 chips in the traditional Mahjong have three kinds. But, in the varieties of mahjong that are generated by the modern game developers, we will be able to see other types of chips. Other images reminiscent of Santa Claus hat, a gift and festivals - for example, in the New Year of Mahjong, we please see the Christmas characters. According to the mahjong rules, from abort. After the spread of them in a random order, it is necessary to select a pair tip is not blocked. In other words, you can delete your only top No chip 1 and to of her freedom of both sides. Point is a Mahjong why the online game lovers and interesting puzzle, is not easy.

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