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Games Anime

Japanese anime, it is in what, how they are different from the usual cartoon. Well first of all, it is teens, cartoon, which is primarily designed for adults, but. In addition, the source of inspiration for the cartoon of the author, in many cases, it functions as a computer game, comics and novels - plot are usually taken from the comic. Anime, in many cases, - it is a cartoon, in which a plurality of serialized in the story intertwined with the character. Cartoon character, be drawn has eyes, nose, a certain number of the mouth of the image and its own tradition. Japanese animation took a lot of technology from the United States of Disney. For example, overly large eyes of hero. However, we will be able to find a common stylistic devices and Japanese prints. Not only animation, not only take the theme from computer games, and affected anime online game creators at work. Adventure, adventure and shooting game - Anime games for girls, in many cases, make-up, hair style, and for boys, dress up. In general, the entire range of the game exist. We will invite anime fans on our site.

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