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Who wants to be a millionare

Who wants to be a millionareYou have their knowledge and Okuman millionaire game for our hearts in another TV program that can make money fan. Here, we show off his knowledge in various fields, so that you can feel the real lovers. As to the actual TV game show called you want to be a Millionaire. You will answer all kinds of questions, you will earn money. Since the game is a completely in Russian, please do not worry about what something is not clear. And enjoy all the games that you get the most realistic, your winnings, let's become a virtual. You we like analog TV in the game of, rely two sums and three tips fireproof.

How to become a millionaire. Perhaps, today, do not do not have anyone that you have seen this game. You also if you want from our site to try their luck and knowledge millionaire game, giving you a big the most important free opportunity to do...

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